We are a husband and wife team with a passion for art and a love of creating our own fonts by hand. This love of fonts led to realizing the dream of establishing Love, Kat Jewelry and custom ambigram pieces. We started with a few basic ambigram types and with every inspiration that comes, our designs have been evolving into multiple forms, allowing us to better illustrate the stories of the people we create them for. At the heart of our designs is telling stories of every kind and turning them into lasting pieces you can keep close to you. Customized and uniquely yours, each of our pieces are meant to celebrate who you are and what you hold dear. We believe that the purpose of art is to declare how wonderful your God-given stories are. No story is too mundane. Yours is special in its own way and it deserves a piece to celebrate how precious it is.With our hands and pens, we’re happy to #CelebrateYour Story.


I am a Virgo, a neat freak, a lumpia lover, a light traveler but always packs extra set of eyes and a couple of lenses. Having an artist dad who does export-quality crafts, my childhood exposure to extraordinary art pieces made any Art subject a personal favorite. In our family of artists, I am the most interested in letters. I take it as a reason why I get typography and calligraphy tools as a staple gift during special occasions. I thought of trying out a science field in college. Half-way through the course, my artist blood demanded a space in my existence. No, I didn’t shift. After 5 years, I graduated with a Science degree majoring in Management Information Systems and a Fine Arts degree in Information Design from Ateneo de Manila University. My design course brought me to the Advertising industry, specifically digital art, motion graphics, and photography.

I am Jay, an entrepreneur and jewelry designer by profession, and a photographer by passion. My perfect day consists of a cup of dark coffee, lumpia for lunch, hours behind my lenses, and a scenic drive in my 4×4. 


I am a huge art lover, dessert feaster, dance enthusiast, and a big fan of theme parks! My design journey started with doodles when I was in grade school. I became interested with ‘lettering’ when my dad penned our volleyball with our surname in Shadow font. I started perfecting my lines and created a notebook full of my own designs in different fonts. I continued to create and design fonts until high school, and that’s when I made my first ambigram using the names on my parents: Nes & Edel. After graduating with a Fine Arts major in Advertising degree from the University of Santo Tomas, I went on to work in the fields of Advertising, Sales and Marketing, Events Planning, and businesses with creative units. But my love for typography brought me into starting the brand, Love, Kat Jewelry. 

I am Kat, an ambigram artist and jewelry designer by profession and passion, and a soul artist by advocacy. I sketch with my right hand, usually in the afternoon until sun sets, and cap the day with a glass of red wine.

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