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Couples Share Their Experience
with Love, Kat Jewelry Designs
by Jay and Kat

by Team Love, Kat Jewelry

We have had the honor of celebrating a number of beautiful love stories, and we’d like to share the thoughts of some couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with. This is what they have to say about co-creating their storytelling wedding and engagement rings with us.

Mark and Aicelle Zambrano

Mark and Aicelle

“I love how Jay and Kat established a personal connection with us before designing our wedding rings. Because of that, everything about our rings came out perfect and they became more than just jewelry. They became symbols of our love.” Mark Zambrano

“Jay and Kat made sure our rings are like no other. Unique and very personalized, simple yet elegant. It was carefully designed to suit our personalities and tell our love story. Wearing our rings is wearing our story of love and commitment everyday.” Aicelle Santos-Zambrano

Patrick Layugan and Tanya Tayag

“Jay and Kat showed personal care by creatively incorporating our love story in the designs of the ring. I admire how they valued, respected, and honored our entire love story as something unique, special, and sacred. The ring really speaks so much about us and our love for each other.” Patrick Layugan

“Jay and Kat were able to capture our love story through the sunflower ring. I was truly amazed by the design they were able to make. It was more than what I expected from an engagement ring. Thank you, Jay and Kat, for creating a symbol of our love, a ring that will always remind me why I said YES to Pat.” Tanya Tayag

Jorel Esteban and Jensen Ramos

I like it that Jay and Kat took the time to know us and took into account our story to start the design process. For people like me who put value on how unique the ring would be, this is such a nice start. I was ensured that it would not only be a one-of-a-kind piece but also a sentimental and meaningful one.” Jorel Esteban

“When I first saw the ring, I thought the design was very unique. It actually reminded me of Lord of the Rings aesthetic! Then after the proposal, Jo explained the ring’s design which is conceptualized from our relationship and I sobbed because it made the ring more meaningful and one-of-a-kind.” Jensen Ramos

These are only a few of the stories we’ve told through our designs, and we’re looking forward to creating many more. For more information about the storytelling wedding and engagement rings, send us a message through Love, Kat Jewelry Designs by Jay and Kat on Facebook, @lovekatjewelry on Instagram, or email us at Let’s Celebrate Your Story!