Why Customize Your Wedding Rings?

Why Customize Your Wedding Rings? Here Are Three Reasons.

by Team Love, Kat Jewelry

Wedding rings are symbolic, because these represent your commitment to one another. As designers and a husband and wife team ourselves, we believe that wedding rings can hold so much meaning by becoming pieces that not only represent your vows, but can also tell your love story and journey as a couple, too.

Wedding rings are meant to be special and here are three simple reasons why we think so.

Wedding rings can be customized to tell your love story

Your rings become more than just jewelry. We call them storytelling rings. They are memoirs of your love, and symbols of your bond with every detail inspired by who you are as a couple. Your rings can be made into pieces that encapsulate the love and commitment you share with one another, the journey of your relationship, the special moments which make up that very journey, and the many reasons that led to your lasting union.

Engagement ring for Tanya as commissioned by Patrick

One of our first designs is an engagement ring shaped as a sunflower held by two hand figures. We created this for a couple whose love languages are giving gifts and acts of service, and what could be more fitting than hands to show that? Meanwhile, the sunflower is reminiscent of the times the groom would surprise his bride with sunflowers during the months she spent confined in the hospital.

We also designed our own wedding rings using details that are special to us. The engagement ring features a rose to symbolize a first gift, a shooting star to immortalize a significant moment, and the shape of the Cross to symbolize our faith. To complement the engagement ring, we designed the bride’s wedding band as a wrap-around vine, while the groom’s ring is accented by diamonds in the same vine pattern.

A collaborative design experience

Both the bride and groom can take an active part in creating the design of the wedding rings. You are the most important element in the process. You are our co-creators. You are the inspiration for the design and so we take extra care in listening to your love story. We are always looking forward to hearing your stories, because each one is so different and beautiful in their own way. The images you paint for us with your words are what we utilize in sketching custom designs for you to choose from. Through this design collaboration, you are free to add details that are meaningful to the both of you, whether that’s a stone, a favorite flower, letters, and so much more.

Initial Sketch for Jorel and Jensen
3D drawing for Jason and Mica
Mark Aicelle Meeting
Final Meeting with Mark and Aicelle Zambrano

A lifelong legacy

You’ll be wearing your rings everyday after the wedding and you’ll be keeping them for a lifetime. Your rings become tangible memories that will last for many years, and you can even pass them on to your children or grandchildren someday. This way, your story will never be forgotten.

More than just accessories in a wedding, your rings can be meaningful treasures. With that said, we’re happy to help all soon-to-wed couples in co-creating their very own storytelling wedding rings. Let’s get started, because we’re ready and excited to Celebrate Your Story!